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Our Services

Our Area of Expertise

  • TMT/QST Re-bar Rolling Mills
  • Structure Mills
  • Wire Rod Mills
  • Section Mills

What determines the success of a project?
At the onset of planning of any steel plant project, there are two things that play a critical role in determining the success of the project. They are MACHINERY & CONSULTANT

Machinery and consultant are like the hardware and software of a company. If both are not in synchronization, peak production capacity can never be achieved no matter how much capital investment is made. Good quality machinery is a must for ensuring any strong industrial setup. But as the proverb goes ”Good tools in the hands of a bad workman will make the tools appear bad.”

That is, Good machinery alone cannot guarantee the success of any project, good machinery coupled with good application will ensure smooth production.

Why Us

We at J.S ROLLING MILL INDUSTRIES realize that and that is why in addition to manufacturing complete steel rolling mill machinery, we also provide consultancy with respect to it. We undertake complete erectioning, designing, commissioning and installation of steel plants ranging from 10 ton/hour to 30 ton/hour.We also undertake refurbishing and revamping of the existing sick units.

Having seen this industry evolve right from the nascent stages, we exactly know what it takes to make a steel plant work and perform at its optimum capacity.
With more than 25 successful installations and revival of 20 units in the recent times, our actions have always spoken louder than words.

Our skilled and vastly experienced team under the guidance of our founder Mr. Jagjit Singh ensures that corrective as well as preventive measures are put in place to guarantee optimum production.

Services Offered

  • Complete Consultancy for a fresh project.
  • Revival of the existing/underperforming/sick unit.
  • Solutions for a specific section of the plant.
  • Fine Tuning of the Mill.
  • Modernization/Up-gradation of the existing plant.
  • Production Enhancement.
  • Feasibility Report of the unit